A little bit about ...

The past 10 years I have been working as a designer and creative developer, specializing in visual identity, editorial design, illustration and concept development. As a creative entrepreneur I have worked on various art, design and communication projects, collaborating with other creatives including writers, photographers, website developers, illustrators, animators and filmmakers.

Over the years I have carried out various projects, both as a freelancer and a full-time employee, and have worked for a number of educational, cultural and commercial organisations. I aim to help organisations define their identity and their story, to develop ideas and concepts to visualize a narrative and apply design techniques to communicate and engage their public.

Next to working on more client based projects I also develop independent and collaborative art projects, experimenting with a mix of conceptual and form oriented work, using techniques such as screen printing, drawing, photography and painting. In 2014 I co-founded gallery/atelier Schatjes with Thijs van Himbergen in Amsterdam where I organize exhibitions and work with various creative makers.

Collaborations and clients

These are a number of organizations that I have worked for and collaborated with over the years:

Bravis Ziekenhuis, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Universiteit Utrecht, DubbeLL, StudiekeuzeOpMaat, Niaga (DSM), Waag Society, NEMO Science Museum, Taragalte Festival Morocco, NwO, SSBA Salon (Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam), Valerius Reizen, ThinkLED, Yoni, Commodore Gaming, University College Utrecht, Vonk, Earth Charter Nederland, Sahara Roots Foundation, Moyee Coffee, BearDevil, Mediamatic, EGBG, Graphic Design Museum Breda, Aorta Architectuur Centrum, NoTV, Kuyichi, Lowlands Festival

Education and Curriculum Vitae

During my studies Graphic Design (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) and Creative Development (Universiteit Utrecht) I focussed on editorial design, concept development, designing narratives and visual identities. It was then that I discovered my interests for telling and visualizing stories and creating engaging designs. My studies helped me to develop a project oriented approach to design which allows me to work both strategically, conceptually as well as being able to carry out the more practical sides of a design project.

For more information about my work and academic experiences have a look at my online curriculum vitae

Office life