for what it’s worth

Opening exhibition of Schatjes, an art & events space in Amsterdam

In collaboration with Thijs van Himbergen

Concept development, curation, exhibition design and a co-authoring a fictional narrative around an exhibition of lost and found artworks. Opening exhibition of Schatjes gallery.

The Joanna Harkov Collection

Joanna Harkov-Pruzansky harbored a deep interest in the unknown artists of our time. She would scour thrift shops and flea markets looking for discarded artwork; work whose makers aren’t welcomed into the chummy art establishment where money matters more than anything else.

She wondered why these works weren’t considered valuable – who decides the value of art anyway? – and made this the theme of a passion-driven research in the last decade of her life.

‘For What It’s Worth’ tells the stories behind the works, about the people that made them. Stories which, through a dedicated pursuit of the artists, Ms. Harkov was able to piece together.

some of the artworks

overview of the exhibition in schatjes

Reviews – what people said about our exhibition

“For What It’s Worth is a beautiful ode to the outsiders of the art world.”
— Rosanne Schipper, Tubelight
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“These two gallery owners are less mediocre than they would have liked.”
— Lieneke Hulshof, Mr. Motley
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